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A block paved driveway

From block paving to concrete flag paving, Evans Innovation Landscaping have the experience and expertise required to help modernise your home or property. Whether it's replacing damaged paving or installing a brand new driveway, we can provide you with a wide range of styles and finishes to best suit your home. For more details, call Richard today.

By using Bradstone, Marshalls and Stonemarket, to name but a few, Evans Innovation Landscaping only use the highest quality paving. For a free quotation or to discuss any specific requirements that you may have, call today.

Paving the way to a stunning home

• Driveways and pathways

• Concrete flag paving

• Natural stone paving

• Block paving and kerbing

• Decorative stone and gravel

• And much more

To update your home with a new driveway or paving, call Evans Innovation Landscaping:

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High quality paving and driveways

Using nothing but the best products

We can supply and install the following:

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